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melissa earley       


In 2008 CAFfeine teamed up with Wasted Wine for a unique show: the band assigned one of their songs to each artist for visual interpretation.

Listening to my song, "Wave Goodbye", I thought of change; of how frightening it can be to suddenly become aware that you are not feeling comfortable in your own skin anymore.  I thought of the leaving behind of old habits, old thoughts and ideas, and the dread that often comes from knowing that in order to be true to ourselves we sometimes have to leave people, places and perceptions that we are deeply tied to. 

But although there is often sadness, pain, and heartache in changing, there is also a matching promise of a fresh start, and even a newfound sense of purpose and self respect.  So I thought also of the thrill of realizing that we are each always capable of forging a new life at any time we choose, if we can only trust ourselves to take that first step, shed our old skin, and emerge fully into our latest incarnation. 

I created this piece with the hope that it would resemble my own shed skin, a flat, lifeless shadow of my former self that, having been left behind, can no longer hold me back. 

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